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Kids Life

Kids Life

Colby and Jackie Brown, together with their team of awesome leaders and teachers, help our kids learn about Jesus in our exciting Kid’s Life program each Sunday morning. They meet at 10am for worship and a Bible lesson and then head to their own classroom to learn how to apply the Bible lesson to their own lives.

Every adult that is involved with Kid’s Life has to pass a background check. We take our kids safety very seriously. All of our teachers are volunteers that give their time and effort to help the kids learn and understand more about Jesus every Sunday morning. What great teachers we have, thank you!

We have a awesome puppet team that comes every third Sunday and teaches the Bible lesson to our kids.

Kid’s Life provides something for birth through 5th grade during Sunday Service. There’s child care for infants, and Sunday School classes, music, and more for toddlers and older. Check your child in at the Lobby. You’ll see the Kid’s Life desk to your left as you enter the main sanctuary.

You can contact Jackie at the church office at 559-455-1119 ext 102 for more information.

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