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Nursing Mothers

If you are new at SouthPoint Church and have a baby with you in service, we have a Nursing Mom’s Room located on the east side of the lobby entrance to the Sanctuary. There you will find a private, quiet, and soft atmosphere where you can still see and hear the service through one-way glass while you feed your infant, change a diaper, or rock your little one to sleep.

This room is for women only, please,  no dads.

From the Sanctuary, you can only see the mirror-finish reflection to the Nursing Mother’s room:

Inside, there are 4 rockers, a restroom, changing tables, even a couple bassinets – the sound from the main sanctuary comes in through the speaker system. If the Sanctuary and stage had been lit up, you would see that through the smoky glass from the Mom’s side of the room.

Ask one of the Greeters in the Lobby for directions if you don’t see it; it is sort of tucked away.

You may also want to know that our Children’s Church program, we call it Kid’s Life, provides care for birth through 5th grade during Sunday Service. There’s child care for infants, and Sunday School classes, music, and more for toddlers and older. Check your child in from the Lobby as you enter the main Sanctuary.

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