Loving God, Loving People in Southeast Fresno

Prayer Point

Prayer Point

We call it Prayer Point because it’s at the point of prayer where heaven and earth meet. Pastor Roberta is the leader for this all-encompassing group effort.

Every Sunday morning, you can pray with others for the work of the Lord at SouthPoint in the Family Room in the South Wing.

Once every quarter, there is a SouthPoint Church Family prayer gathering right after Sunday worship, when we gather together and pray for each other, for our families, for SouthPoint’s efforts and activities – we pray for our community, our leaders, and our nation. It is for the entire family and lasts less than an hour. Keep your eye on the Calendar for the next one.

Several times a year, you can roll up your sleeves and attend a Prayer Training workshop, too. It’s time for a small, hands-on focus about various aspects of prayer. Build a richer prayer life and learn to pray more effectively for others at these workshops. They’ll be announced at church and listed on the SouthPoint Calendar well in advance.

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