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What On Earth Am I Here For?

What On Earth Am I Here For?

Feb 12, 2017

SouthPoint starts the inspiring and excellent video group study by Pastor Rick Warren called, “What On Earth Am I Here For?” on Feb 26th.

Groups are forming now, give Pastor Bob Howerton a call at 455-1119 ext. 104 and let him know you want to open up your home to have a few friends over. We’ll get you what you need. Hosting is easy.

Have a heart for people
Open a home, or any place
Serve something to drink
Tell your friends

Study guides and the accompanying book are on sale now after church for all participants, and Terry Vanoni and team members are available to answer your questions.

This is going to be GREAT!

Take a look at the introduction for a quick idea of the scope of the group videos:

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